As Director of the Jill Clewes Academy for Performing Arts for the past 45 years, Jill has established her school as the best in the area. Known across Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme as the leading dance and performing arts academy Jill couldn’t be prouder of what her, her family, her teachers and her students have achieved.

As the daughter of a professional dancer and actress, performing was in her blood and with the support and encouragement of her mum and her love of dance and drama Jill began her career teaching dance at the age of 17.

As professional teacher for the past 45 years, Jill has always been at the forefront of performing arts tuition and has sought the guidance and assistance of the top teachers and trainers to give her, her teachers and her students access the very best knowledge and techniques needed to be a successful performer.

Jill firmly believes that you’re never too old to learn and encourages all of her students, both young and old, to dance and perform with joy and passion.

Known for her high standards and dedication to quality Jill was also appointed as a British Ballet Organisation examiner overseeing Ballet, Tap and Jazz dance examinations across the country.

She has also achieved her vision of providing the finest performing arts training in the area to young people over 16 when she set up The Academy for Theatre Arts. Aspiring performs in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme now have the opportunity to gain a BTEC qualification in performing arts, taught by some of the finest teachers in the county.